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Farming Robot

GPS Automated farming navigation system

Waterproof, shockproof grade IP65, dustproof, aesthetic design, suitable for outdoor environment

Farming Robot

This product is an automated pesticide spraying robot. It effectively reduces labor intensity, improve work efficiency, with more precision in spraying pesticides in all directions, resulting in a 30% efficiency gain.

Ergonomics Office Equipment

This is a Computer screen support frame, ergonomically designed to ensure proper posture to reduce workplace injury, through precision mechanical design, large load-bearing range. The design has been awarded multiple patents.

Automated Sampling System

Upgrade to existing design, thus reducing labour needs, improve efficiency, and high level of automation with minimal cost. Enable the one time sampling rate of 7-16 Batches.

Smart switch panel

The expansion box is designed to be used with a switch panel to enable smart functions

Ergonomic Adjustable Desktop Computer Stand

Designed to allow adjustment for different office solutions, including sitting or standing desk configuration.
The stand is ergonomically designed to help the user maintain a proper posture for spine protection and prevention of back and shoulder pain. The stand is designed to be extra sturdy and allows for heavy load bearing.

Automated Testing Equipment

This is a fully automated precision testing instrument, it effectively reduced labour needs, improved work efficiency. This design has been awarded with a number of patents.

Smart Home Motion Sensor

Embedded and flushed into walls, this is an ultra small motion sensor, it allows intelligent control of electrical appliances, energy conservation and emission reduction, and provide interactive security features. It is widely used in schools, hospitals and large shopping centers.

Bicycle Retrieval System for Bicycle Sharing Services

Low cost, high space utilization, simple maintenance, suitable for 24-hour high-intensity use

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