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We provide top notch end-to-end services from product definition,
design, development, production, supply chain,
to Integrated marketing.

1. Explore sales channels
2. Active pursue of sales leads
3. Establish relationship with potential clients

1. Interactive discussions
2. Data collection and analysis of competitors’ products
3. Strengths & weaknesses analysis
4. Cost analysis
5. Contractual agreement

1. Project needs identified
2. Joint agreement of project proposal
3. Complete feasibility study

1. Project requirements defined
2. Detail breakdown of schedule and budget
3. Determine resources
4. Project Charter created and agreed upon with client

1. Finalize design selection
2. Design details drill down
3. Refine design through review iterations

1. Allocate resources, tools, roles
2. Implement design through methods such as prototyping
3. Ensure optimal QA during production

1. Calibration and set up of product/equipment at client site
2. Conduct demo and workshops

1. Official handover of product to client
2. Provide design plan and all project documentation
3. Perform training to end users

1. Provision of one year warranty
2. Maintenance contract packages
3. Provide upgrade advices